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Registration Fees

10k – $40 through 1/31, $45 through 2/28, $50 through race day

5k – $30 through 1/31, $35 through 2/28, $40 through race day

5k Walk – $20 + Fundraising through 2/28, $25 + Fundraising through race day

1 Mile – $10 through 2/28, $15 through race day

Kid’s Dash – Free


Set up a team

Why go it alone?  Join the PTI 5K/10K on the Runway Team Challenge!  Organize a group from work, your softball league or your neighbors to form a team.  Besides supporting great charities like Second Harvest, Urban Ministries and Open Door Ministries your team can compete for our Team Challenge awards.

There will be two categories of competition: the team registering the most runners for the event (1 Mile, 5k, and 10k combined) will be awarded a trophy; the team with the best cumulative 5K time of its top five runners will be awarded atrophy.

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